Fields of Activity

We are here for you in all your energy projects, especially thermal power plants and natural gas cycles plants with our Shanghai, China-based experienced team and our strong connections with China, a leading actor in the energy field.

Plant Operation

We offer our technical and administrative expertise to achieve an efficient operation of both completed and to be completed power generation facilities.


We provide maintenance & repair and heavy maintenance services for thermal and natural gas combined cycle plants as well as solar fields and other energy production facilities.

Spare Parts Supply

We supply quality spare parts for all energy projects as well as the projects whose maintanence, modernization and efficiency increase have been completed by our company.


We provide modernization and technology renewal services for the facilities to work more efficiently and effectively with the latest technology.

Capacity and Efficiency Increase

We offer our expertise to ensure capacity and efficiency increase of the facility.

Turnkey Project

From determining the plant location to feasibility studies, from project planning to equipping of the facility, we complete all the processes and we offer you a facility ready for energy production.


We provide services for the preparation of financial organization and provision of financial resources for energy generation facilities.

Contracting Projects

We provide construction services for projects such as establishing power generation plants and increasing their capacity.