EA Energy in a Nutshell

EA Energy is a company that provides products and services on a global scale for all energy projects, especially thermal and natural gas cycle power plants. With our vast sectoral experience, we offer maintenance, repair, operation and modernization services as well as spare parts supply.

We add strength to your power with our wide range of services & fields of experitises together with our experienced team.

Global Presence

EA Energy has achieved to hold an important position by establishing strong connections with China, which is a great power in the global energy market. Our company stands out on a global scale in the fields of trained technical staff, knowhow, spare parts supply and investment financing.

The projects we make is not limited to a specific country or region. We continue our operations in different parts of the world.


EA Energy's experienced team fulfills all the requirements of serving in a technical field. Our team, which is expert in the field, is based in Shanghai, China and has the capacity and the capability to serve anywhere in the world.

Our team is competent to work not only in the power plants of Chinese contractors, but also in energy projects of contractors located in other countries.

Business Approach

EA Energy is aware of the added value created by the products and services it offers and the damages that may be caused by possible power cuts. We always plan well scheduled maintenances, ensure timely maintenances and supply spare parts to ensure the uninterrupted energy production.

Our team makes all the necessary arrangements considering travelling, accomodation and logistics beforehand and act well planned in a professional manner to work seamlessly without any problem in all countries in which we operate, including Turkey. We act in accordance with the legal regulations in the fields of occupational safety, work and residence permits in all our works.